What is life coaching?


In coaching you can talk about the problems you want to resolve without having to circumvent taboos, be concerned about what I think about you, or worry what if others find out what you told me. I will ask you questions that you probably wouldn’t ask yourself, and this will give you a chance to find new solutions that you may not think of. Coaching is also a method that you can learn during the sessions which will help you later to reflect on situations with a similar approach on your own. In fact, during the coaching you can gain a new skill-set which expands your problem-solving toolkit.

Coaching is completely confidential and I don’t judge you, we only focus on the solution; therefore you can feel free to talk about things you wouldn’t like to discuss with your partner or friends. In coaching every decision is yours, I do not give advices and I do not make decisions for you. Coaching helps you get to know yourself better and thus be able to make decisions that are more beneficial for you, which will really move your life forward.

Coaching is not a therapy, so if you have been diagnosed with a mental illness, are on prescription medication, or are addicted to alcohol / drugs, I will not be able to help you. In this case, I suggest you see a psychiatrist. In any other case, please contact me with confidence!

The first session is free

The purpose of the first session is to find out if we have the right chemistry for a successful collaboration, to discuss what problem you want to work on and if I can help, and for you to decide whether you want to continue coaching with me. This session usually takes less than one hour.
If we decide to work together, we will also agree on further details (number of sessions, schedule, price etc.) The coaching sessions take one hour. If I can’t help with your problem, I may be able to recommend a colleague who is an expert in that area.


Feel free to contact me and ask