About myself

BB profilkep

My name is Barbara Boros. I was born and lived in Budapest until I was 30 years old. I was a real estate agent for years, then when the recession hit I joined the customer service team of an IT company. I had an interest in languages; after learning English in a bilingual high school, I learned Spanish and French while working. I moved to Cork in 2012, which according to the Irish in Cork is the real capital of Ireland :) I started in the Spanish-French customer service of an international company. A year later I continued in their sales support team for another year, then during a reorganisation I became a team leader. From then on for 7 years I worked as the leader of various teams of 6-22 people, meanwhile obtaining a business degree on a night course. During these years I gradually became more and more interested in how I could support others in successfully achieving their goals. This led me back to studies again and I obtained qualification in personal and management coaching. During the 2 year course I got to understand that coaching is a much deeper process than I had previously thought and that its ultimate purpose is to improve one’s self-awareness. As a life coach I can help you to get to know and understand yourself better so that you can change your life – if you want to.

In my free time I enjoy walking in nature, travelling, reading and watching movies. My beloved dog Jackie has been with me for over 13 years, who loves to travel even more than I do. We have travelled the continent several times and toured Scotland, Ireland and a few other countries. The best decisions in my life were learning languages: each one opened up new opportunities, quitting smoking which alone equals a new life, and learning self-awareness which helped me transform my life by understanding the reasons of failures and enabling me to develop solutions to correct them, and helped me understand better who I am and the purpose of my life. The worst ones…well there were plenty of them too and I learned from each and I am still learning!

If you also want to create new opportunities, overcome bad decisions or avoid them in the future, want to find your purpose, or even just to feel a little better, feel free to get in touch with me and we will find a solution together!


Self-awareness in my life

The early stages of my life were quite troubled and full of conflicts for which I always managed to find someone or something to blame: my parents, my family, my environment, my upbringing; I was a mere victim of the circumstances. By my mid-twenties, I felt like I was riding an endless roller-coaster where I had no influence on what was happening to me.

I started thinking when I noticed that certain situations kept reoccurring in my life even if slightly differently. That’s when it first occurred to me that I might be causing the issues somehow, I create the obstacles myself. I joined a self-awareness course to develop my personality, and to understand why these situations keep happening and to learn how to break these cycles.

The self-awareness course gave me so much more than that. Not only have I managed to swap the roller coaster for a balanced, stable and enjoyable lifestyle with a lot of freedom, got rid of a number of bad habits and took much more control over my life, but I have also been able to grasp that human personality and inner world is so much more complex and much deeper than most people ever realise. I found that understanding the hidden connections within us leads to such a great feeling of satisfaction and freedom which is an extraordinary resource in everyday life.

One of my first questions was “How many sessions do I have to attend?” Since then, I have understood that self-awareness is rather a lifestyle than a course and it’s up to me how long I continue but somehow the way it works is that the more I know, the more I want to know…

Why am I a Life Coach?

I originally started the course with with the intention to better support my colleagues at work. However, it quickly became clear that coaching is a much deeper and more personal topic which by improving self-awareness develops all areas of life.

Based on my personal experience of more than 10 years of continuous training, I am convinced of the effectiveness of developing self-awareness and I enjoy supporting others in their personal development, therefore coaching for me is not merely a job, rather a passionate commitment.


mit tudok

What can I offer?

I started learning about self-awareness and personality development relatively early in my twenties, so I have experience across different age groups.

I learned various self-development methods and I’ve gone through these myself, so I don’t just know them in theory; I also know the pitfalls and traps, and what obstacles need to be overcome in life to get real tangible results.

I believe that while we live, we learn. To this day, I am constantly training, developing myself and I utilise all experience gained in my coaching.

I will continue to do so in the future because I am convinced that self-awareness is the most valuable investment which results not (only) in monetary return, but something much more valuable: in personal success, fulfillment, freedom and a higher quality of life...which is priceless!


The first session is free

The purpose of the first session is to find out if we have the right chemistry for a successful collaboration, to discuss what problem you want to work on and if I can help, and for you to decide whether you want to continue coaching with me. This session usually takes less than one hour.
If we decide to work together, we will also agree on further details (number of sessions, schedule, price etc.) The coaching sessions take one hour. If I can’t help with your problem, I may be able to recommend a colleague who is an expert in that area.


Feel free to contact me and ask